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Anthony Yau

About us

AY IT Services is a small UK-based software development business. We develop innovative new products and bespoke technical solutions. We specialise in developing applications built on the Microsoft® .NET Framework and are experts in Microsoft Office automation and integration. We are a new company with modern ways of working using the latest technology. Our aim is to provide professional solutions which are cost effective, easy to use and provide the right information for you to run your business in the best way possible.


AY IT Services was founded in 2014 in Derby, United Kingdom.


Registered in England and Wales under Company Number 9369548

AY IT Services Limited, 16 Ivyleaf Way, Derby, DE23 3UT.

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Below are the key services that are on offer from AY IT Services. They are not limited to these so if you feel we have the skills that can help your business please do not hesitiate to contact us for a FREE initial analysis and quotation.

Mobile Application Development

Does your business make the most of your mobile workers? Are they finding that when they return to the office and they have a back log of admin to do? AY IT Services specialises in business orientated, database driven mobile apps. If your a small business and feel that you can see yourself benefiting from a mobile solution then speak to us today. It can be as simple as an app that helps fill in particular forms to a fully fledged database system.

Looking to create a new database to hold valuable records? Or just looking to update your current system? AY IT Services specialises in database design and improvement. We work with Microsoft® Access databases or systems which use Microsoft® SQL Server. We can even convert your Microsoft Excel document into a full-fledged database system and keep it in Excel.

Looking to convert your paper based form system into an electronic system and help the environment? AY IT Services can help. We specialise in the creation of electronic forms either in Adobe Acrobat PDF or in Microsoft® SharePoint using InfoPath. Forms can be accompanied by bespoke software which help extract the valuable information within them for analysis and statistical purposes by a click of a button.

Have an IT project that needs managing? Or need some technical advice on anything IT related? AY IT Services can provide professional IT consultancy to your business from advising on IT hardware systems to a large scale software development project. Use someone that truly understands IT systems to maximise your investment.

Have an ‘off the shelf’ system which isn’t quite working the way you want it? Or just have an idea you would like to come to fruition? AY IT Services can help create software to your exact requirements and when your business evolves we can evolve your software to suit. Our bespoke software is developed using the .NET Framework and we can create systems just for internal use or for systems that can be accessed from the internet.

Tired of using the same old spreadsheets that you have been using for years? Tired of doing the same repetitive tasks which can be done by a click of button? Speak to AY IT Services to smarten the way you use Microsoft® Excel. We specialise in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and Macros which can be used to make your spreadsheets more efficient to use, easier to understand and provide better quality information.

Excel Automation

Database Development

Electronic Form Development

Bespoke Development

IT Consultancy